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The "Z" in the Garden-Landscape.com glossary is introduced by the lemon balm, one of our currently most popular garden herbs.
The lemon balm is quite popular, the native in the eastern Mediterranean native plant grows willing in any temperate zone. When it gets as warm and dry as possible on a nutrient-rich soil, it develops into a perennial plant, which provides you with the pleasantly lemon-scented leaves for a very long time. The herb of the older plant gets a tart aroma, but if you do not like it, you can always multiply the lemon balm by cuttings. The harvest of lemon balm occurs just before flowering, when the leaves have the highest content of aroma and essential oils. Lemon balm can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen.
The lemon balm also represents all the other herbs that we could grow in the home garden with great benefits and do it too rarely: wild garlic, basil, mugwort, savory, dill, tarragon, chervil, garlic, cumin, lavender, lovage, bay leaves Of course, horseradish, peppermint, parsley, sage, chives and thyme all belong in the spice cupboard of every halfway talented and experienced hobby cook. As these herbs are all grown in our gardens, often just as readily and easily as the lemon balm, the question then quickly arises as to why, at least, the garden owners among us do not all grow them fresh. This not only saves noticeable amounts of money, but you have to deal with a very different level of freshness than the dried sold spices, of which you never know how long they are already on the shelf.
The letter "Z" also contains other glossary entries, the ornamental apple and Cyprus grass, lemon tree and indoor fountain and ornamental tobacco are described, and if you miss an entry, wait either for a while (the glossary is updated continuously), or You write and an e-mail.

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