Zamie: The hardest houseplant in the world

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The Zamie (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is also called Lucky Feather and is the perfect gift for people without green thumbs. Because this plant can not break even the least gifted Zimmergärtner. Normal room temperature, a location without direct sunlight and occasionally a well-dosed sip of water - nothing else is needed to keep it alive. The only conditions she can not stand are too much water, especially waterlogging, and very low temperatures, for example in an unheated staircase in winter. In summer, she should not just be in the blazing midday sun, but rather in a bright spot without direct sunlight.

If the Zamioculcas have gotten too much water, the lower leaves turn yellow. So that the whole plant does not rot, it should be repotted for safety and in future much less water. During the winter months you can water sparingly. In a dark room corner, the Zamie shows no signs of stress even after four weeks without water - on the contrary: In the absence of light, the leaves are only really nice dark green. Even dry heating air makes the plant nothing, because the thickened axles serve her as a water reservoir. As a rule, pests on her also have no joy. However, if you want the zamie to grow faster, you need to set it bright and warm, water regularly, and occasionally provide green plant fertilizer.

Zamioculcas is native to Africa

The arum family comes from the forests of East Africa and has only been available as a houseplant for about two decades. The growth form of the Zamie is quite unusual and reminiscent of the ferns. The shoots, which grow rather quickly after budding, are in fact individual leaves, which are covered with round, pointed leaflets. The actual shoot is a rhizome that crawls flat through the ground. Since he fills the pot very quickly, you should convert younger plants every spring in a slightly larger vessel. The ideal substrate is palm soil or a mixture of normal potting soil and clay granules.

Propagation of the Zamie

You can multiply the Zamie by simply dividing the rhizome and replanting both halves. If you have a lot of patience, you can simply place a piece of leaf with three or four leaflets in a darkened glass of water on the windowsill. First, a bulbous thickening forms at the lower end, then the first roots. Once these are visible, put the plant in a small pot of potting soil. Now usually nothing happens for a few months, until suddenly - often only one year after the cutting cut - a new impulse arises.

Multiply Zamioculcas

Leaves that have already drawn roots are placed in pots

By the way: On flowers Zamienfans usually have to do without, because in the room these are rarely used. But that's not so bad, because the aristocratic vaginal flowers are not particularly spectacular anyway.

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