Planting ornamental bananas - You must pay attention to this at location & substrate

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Ornamental bananas are enjoying increasing popularity. However, they thrive only under optimal soil conditions and at a perfect location for the banana. You can find out how this looks like here.

Plant ornamental banana - tips on location and soil

The ornamental banana is also known under the names banana tree, banana palm or Musa ensete. The addition "ornamental" in the name indicates that the fruits are not edible.

It is known as a houseplant, but can spend the summer outdoors under the right conditions. It does not matter if you keep your ornamental banana indoors or outdoors, it can only develop splendidly if the location is right and a lot of attention is paid to the ground.

The optimal location for the ornamental banana


In the room you need for the ornamental banana primarily a bright place. Although the plant tolerates full sunlight, it must be used slowly. This is especially important if you plan to put the ornamental banana outdoors during the summer months.


Heat is just as important for healthy growth. You can control the "settling in phase" yourself by gradually moving the bucket with the plant to the sunny window in spring. Decrease the distance gradually, do without the midday sun first. With a plant roller under the pot, the bucket can be easily moved.

In the field:

From May, the ornamental banana can move into the field. Again, the sun is shining around noon and the plant does not do well in the first few weeks. For wind protection: The banana palm tolerates wind, but the large leaves can easily tear. So better is a location on a protective wall.

If you live in a region with generally mild temperatures, you can also set the ornamental banana completely outdoors. Otherwise, put the plant in a large bucket, then you can react to temperature fluctuations and change the perennials in time.

In the winter:

With a good winter protection, the perennial can spend the winter outdoors. If you overwinter the ornamental banana indoors, a bright and cool room with a temperature around 15° Celsius is ideal.

The optimal substrate for the ornamental banana

Important for ornamental bananas is that they are kept evenly moist. A loose, well-drained soil is ideal for regular water supply. So you can always pour and the excess water just runs off. With a drainage layer at the bottom of the bucket, you additionally provide, so that no waterlogging forms.

Nutrients are important for the banana palm. For cable management, it is best to use fertilizer sticks or a liquid fertilizer, both of which are easy to dose. When putting the plant in the garden, prepare the soil with a mixture of compost or manure. Pay attention to the permeability. If necessary, improve the garden soil with sand or small stones.

In short:

  • Bright and sunny location
  • Slowly get used to the sun
  • Container plants are easy to change
  • Hibernate in a bright, cool room
  • Use loose, well drained and nutrient rich soil

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