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The high ornamental species and hybrids can be combined well with many flowering plants in the sunny bed, for example with perennial peonies (Paeonia), cranesbill (Geranium) and catnip (Nepeta). They are the perfect choice for the romantic garden as well as for gardens in country house style - here they also look good as a rose companion. In modern, architectonic forms characterized plants can be the great spherical inflorescences very well set in scene, for example between grasses. Short-stalked species such as the Blue-tongued leek or the Allium moly are suitable for the rock garden. For natural, large-scale plantations under deciduous trees the bear leek is the right choice.


The onions of the garlic are set from September to November, when the soil is frost-free, even into December. The soil should be permeable, the location mostly sunny. An early planting is preferable in most species, so that the bulbs can root before winter. In the hybrid variety 'Purple Sensation' an early planting date, however, leads to a very early sprouting in spring, which is then frost prone. Here a planting is not recommended before November. The planting depth depends on the size of the onion. As a rule of thumb: The planting hole should be three times as deep as the onion is high.

care Tips

In many ornamental species, the leaves turn yellow quite early in the year, sometimes already at flowering. If these then optically disturb, you can remove them. Otherwise, one waits until after flowering, the above-ground parts of plants wither and then cuts them off. The bulbous flowers are fertilized during the sprouting in the spring, suitable is an organic whole fertilizer.


The plants form daughter bulbs, which can be separated from the mother onion and planted again in the fall. Species such as bear leeks are strong on their own. To dense plants can be excavated in late summer and replant again. Many species are propagated by sowing. The plants are cold germs, that is, the seeds need after sowing a several-week cold weather with temperatures around the freezing point, so that they rise.

Diseases and pests

Ornamental lilies can be attacked by aphids, otherwise pests and diseases do not play a major role.

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