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The ornamental peach is a deciduous shrub that can reach a height of up to three meters. He is also on a trunk with a beautiful spherical crown.
Some varieties such as the Melred bloom already from the end of March, others only in May. Their flowers are pink or red and appear even before the foliage. In this way, a decorative peach ensures a nice splash of color in the garden early in the year. Not all varieties produce fruits in summer, but they are edible.
Care of a decorative peach
The ornamental peach is best planted in a sunny or partially shaded location where it gets enough heat. Also as a container plant for the balcony or the terrace, it is well suited. It is undemanding in the nature of the soil, normal garden soil is sufficient, but this can be improved somewhat by the addition of potting soil. Only waterlogging he does not tolerate at all, so a heavier dense soil should be loosened accordingly. A peach tree is fertilized only in the period of its growth from April to July and preferably with a complete fertilizer. The fruits form during the summer and can be harvested from August to September. In autumn, this shrub throws off its leaves.
Ornamental peach varieties
The variety Spring Glory has rather smaller flowers and is popular because of its colored foliage. The leaves are bright red when they shoot and become deep red or black-red during the summer. Its flowering period is from April to May, then the shrub forms filled, pink flowers.
The variety Melred bears fruits that are just as big as a fruit tree and that are ripe in late summer. They taste quite good, but are not comparable with the specially bred fruit tree varieties in sweetness and aroma.
Winter care for the decorative peach
An ornamental peach in a bucket should be protected from frost by wrapping the whole bucket in a heat-insulating material and placing the bucket on a base such as polystyrene. A shrub that is planted directly in the field is sensitive to cold, so it is not very suitable for very cold or high altitudes.
The cut of the ornamental peach
A regular cut provides the decorative peach for a rich flowering. Here, the older wood should be cut away and young shoots should be cut to some buds. Flowers form each on the shoots of the previous year. The best time for the annual cut is after flowering. If, however, the crops are to be harvested, the cut should be postponed until after harvesting. A stronger pruning should be done best in the leafless period from October to February, but only on frosty days.

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