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The fruits of the sham or quince (Chaenomeles) have a higher vitamin C content than lemons and significantly more pectin than apples. Aromatic jam or jelly therefore succeeds without the addition of gelling agents. Particularly large, easily processed fruits carry the almost thornless variety 'Cido' - it is also called 'Nordic Lemon' due to its high vitamin C content. But the hybrids are also a real eye-catcher with their red, pink or white fruits in the spring garden and also produce plenty of fruit. The shrubs, which are up to two meters high, are easier to care for than quince (Cydonia) and are suitable, for example, for planting a wild-fruit hedge.

How to rejuvenate an ornamental quince

Trim the ornamental quince properly

An ornamental quilt before and after cutting: Every few years, remove the oldest branches near the ground and guide overhanging and inward growing shoots to suitable side shoots

Because ornamental quinces, in contrast to most other rose plants, grow rapidly and then produce fewer flowers and only small fruits, they are squeezed every two to three years. To do so, remove all older branches of the branches as close to the ground as possible until the beginning of March. Overhanging or inward-growing lateral shoots are cut off above a younger side shoot. Do not shorten the branch tips - otherwise the shrubs will form innumerable new shoots in the upper part, the base will be frosted and the beautiful growth form will be lost.

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